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We are committed to providing the highest quality standards with the highest technical specifications

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important information

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The best types of imported base oil and imported chemical additives

Gasoline engine oil
Gasoline engine oil

SP - SN - SL

Diesel engine oil
Diesel engine oil


Gear oil
Gear oil

GL4 - GL5


Management team

We are proud of your trust

Muhammad Bashir Al Khasharafa

Our policy is to prove that a good product always reaches the customer who is looking for quality and the original product
We compete with professionalism, transparency and the highest standards of quality

Muhammad Bashir Al Khasharafa Chairman
Musa Bashir Al Khasharafa

Our products include a wide range of hydraulic oils, multi-viscosity oils, advanced technology, marine oils, textile and cutting oils and anti-freeze oils.
We use high quality pure imported base oil as well as imported chemical additives.

Musa Bashir Al Khasharafa Director general

We rely on careful study of the market and organized demographic distribution to reach our client wherever he is and provide him with our services with the help of a team of agents and distributors and a specialized and professional team of technicians and administrators


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Al-Khasharfa Company for Trade and Industry holds the TUV- ISO 9001-2015 certificate, accredited by Austria. 20100243018602