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Al-Khasharifa Company for Tradand Industry L.L.c

سيرتي الذاتية

We started at Al-Bashir Trading Company in 1985, trading and distributing oils through our representation of well-known oil brands.
We delved into the study of industrial oils, motor oils, their specifications, base oils, and the additives they contain
After more than thirty years of experience, we decided to step towards the dream of establishing a factory for locally manufactured oils that conform to Syrian and international specifications, compete with the local and international standards, and record a milestone in the production of motor oils and industrial oils, a mark we are proud of.
Al-Khasharafa Trading and Industry Company was established in the Syrian Arab Republic, a company specialized in blending, trading and manufacturing motor and industrial oils 2021.
The construction of the Al-Khasharafa factory in Adra Industrial City in the second sector for manufacturing motor and industrial oils was completed in 2022, and the products were launched in the local market.



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قصتي وسر النجاح

Our products include a wide range of hydraulic oils, multi-viscosity oils, advanced technology, marine oils, textile and cutting oils and anti-freeze oils.
We use high quality pure imported base oil as well as imported chemical additives.

At Al Khasharafa Trading and Industry Company, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products that meet their needs. Our goal is to constantly strive to meet the aspirations of our customers and achieve the desired goals of using our products through our advanced laboratories
Our goal is to bring the national product to the international level by competing with the foreign product in terms of quality, technical features and the latest technologies, as we take into account conformity to Syrian and international standard specifications.

We rely on careful study of the market and organized demographic distribution to reach our client wherever he is and provide him with our services with the help of a team of agents and distributors and a specialized and professional team of technicians and administrators around the clock

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